Supported in ERP?
Different ERP applications support different scheduling parameters to manufacture a product.  (i.e. Queue, Setup, Wait, Teardown, Move, Sub Contract, Transfer/Overlap). Where supported, Visual APS will read the parameters from the operation/routing in the ERP application. Parameters can optionally be set manually in Visual APS by using the Edit Job function.

The settings within scheduling and routing rules allow the planner to manipulate the captured routing to better schedule tasks. Each of the options can be turned off and on by adding or removing a check in the corresponding box under the following sub headings; General, Queue, Setup, Wait, Teardown, Move, Sub Contract, Transfer/Overlap, Status definition for completed operations.  In addition, the planner can set default values for manual and auto scheduling.


To edit the Scheduling & Routing Rule settings

  1. Select the File Menu
  2. Select Company Settings
  3. Select Scheduling & Routing Rules



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