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Refer to the table below for an explanation of all settings on the Scheduling & Routing Rules > Manual Tab


Scheduling & Routing Rules Manual Settings




Use autofit to drop a selected job in the first available time slot regardless of where this is manually dropped onto the planning board

Schedule Around

Use Schedule Around to automatically schedule dependencies for a job that has been manually rescheduled. Schedule Around uses the established sequencing and timing of connected operations.  Check the Right box to include operations after the selected operation. Check the Left box to include operations before the selected operation. It can also be manually activated with a mouse click or the Alt key when dragging a job to the planning board. This will maintain the proper sequence of operations on a job.

Related Jobs

Indicates whether schedule around will apply to related jobs.


Use Autoshift when inserting an urgent new job. There are 3 ways in which Autoshift can be used:

  • Use Replace to schedule a new operation or job on the time line and unschedule the order that occupied that time.
  • Use Shift to schedule a new operation and move all affected jobs on the time line to the right after the new order. Caution: this does not affect dependent operations or jobs.
  • Use Move ASAP to schedule a new operation or job, unschedule the existing and reschedule it in the first available slot.

Alternative Work Units

Indicates whether alternative work units can be scheduled to when an alternative work unit exists.

Autoload Primary

Indicates that a products primary work centre should automatically be loaded into the planning board.

Including Alternatives

Indicates that an alternative work unit should automatically be loaded into the time line.


Option to have the planning board automatically scroll to the first work centre that can perform the work for an order you are manually scheduling.



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