Saved to File
The printed plan can be saved to file

The Production Plan has a print plan option which will print a list of job orders by work unit.  The printed plan includes a barcode that can be scanned on the shop floor.


To print the Production Plan from Visual APS:

  1. Select the Reports Menu
  2. Select Production Plan
  3. Select Print

If the Production Plan is greyed out, the MOM integration settings have not been configured.  

To set the MOM integration settings:

  1. Select the File Menu
  2. Select Company Settings
  3. Select the General Tab
  4. Enter the URL of the MOM Site (i.e. http://webservername/lynqmom) in the MOM Integration field

To print the Production Plan from LYNQ:

  1. Select Production Plan from the menu section Dispatching
  2. Select Print


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