Card View
Displays a card summary of the employees selected.  Clicking on employee card takes you to extended details of employee status

List View
A line by line report by employee.  Click on the employee name to view extended details of employee status. Additionally, in this view, there is a link to view the order status for each order the employee is involved with. Below each column heading there is a search/filter box.  The pin next to the search box provides a set of filtering options.  Additionally, in list view there is functionality to export reports, create custom filters, customize layouts, and apply defined actions to multiple records


Employee status provides an at a glance live view of  employees, what their current status is, what they are working on, and how they are performing during their shift. Drill down into each employee card for a detailed view. Use status indicators to access their workbench to help with clocking and other management issues.


From this simple, single status screen you can get a lot of information.  The coloured plates show you their status.

  • GREY – Out
  • GREEN – Productive
  • YELLOW – Direct downtime (setting up machine)
  • GREEN & YELLOW – working productively on some job orders while setting up others
  • RED – Non-productive (breaks, lunch etc…)

From this screen you can also see any alerts or issues that are happening, allowing team leads and supervisors to work to resolve the problems ASAP. If you have the permissions you can open the workbench terminal they are working from by clicking on the green finger icon.

To open Employee Status:

  1. Select Employee Status in Tracking
Functional Area: Tracking