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Transactions rules provide further flexibility than the default approval status settings, which do not allow conditions be applied.  Transaction rules can be configured to change the default approval status to:
  • Approved
  • Excluded
  • Submitted

The rule can be applied to:
  • Transaction type
  • Conditional IF statements for quantity, labour time and issue quantity
  • Task type
  • Diversion
  • Employee
  • Equipment
Let's assume that you would like to configure a rule that automatically sets the approval status of a quantity transaction, where the quantity is greater than 10000.  It's unlikely employees will ever enter quantities greater than this value and therefore this transaction over 10000 should be investigated.  
  1. Select Advanced Settings
  2. Select Rules
  3. Select New
  4. Enter a name in the Code field (i.e. Quantity > 10000)
  5. Enter a description in the Description field
  6. Set the desired Approval Status (i..e Excluded)
  7. Specify which types of transactions the approval status will apply to (i.e Quantity)
  8. Specify if there are conditions for setting the approval status (i.e Quantity > 10000)
  9. Specify which task the approval status will apply to 
  10. Specify which diversions the approval status will apply to
  11. Specify which employees the approval status will apply to
  12. Specify which equipment the approval status will apply to

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