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A new setting has been added to Advanced Settings > General >Send application telemetry, to allow sending of basic usage data to LYNQ.  When enabled, this setting helps LYNQ to enhance product features and user experience.  Usage data sent to LYNQ is not shared with any third party.  This setting is enabled by default but can be disabled.

To disable sending of Telemetry Data: 
  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Advanced Settings
  3. Un-select Send application telemetry
Data sent to LYNQ includes:
  • Licence ID
  • Customer ID
  • Product
  • Product Version
  • SiteName 
  • Environment Type 
  • Datasource Name 
  • Number of Activate Users
  • Number of In-Activate Users
  • Number of Activate Employees
  • Number of In-Activate Employees 
  • Number of Activate Equipment
  • Number of In-Activate Equipment 
  • Number of WorkUnits in APS
  • .Number of Tools in APS 
  • Daily count of the following transactions:
  • Labour Time
  • Machine Time
  • Good Quantity
  • Scrap Quantity
  • Material issues
  • Production issues
  • Total transactions
  • Transaction errors
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