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Webhooks is a new feature available in LYNQ 2016 R2 SP1. 


The Webhooks Guide explains how to use Webhooks in LYNQ to easily pass data to other third party web based applications.  In addition to communicating with other external applications, Webhooks facilitate the extension of LYNQ data displayed in the workbench, workbench reporting screen and on customisable report pages.

Webhooks in LYNQ allows parameterised query strings to be passed to any web based application where there is a common form of data. Webhooks are designed to be flexible and an understanding of the use of parameters in LYNQ and the third party application is required to configure this feature.  

Within this guide you will learn:

  • How to recognise parameters in query strings
  • How to configure parameters for webhooks
  • How to configure data passed by a webhook
  • Where and how webhooks can be displayed
  • How to identify parameters in LYNQ
  • Data fields names used as parameters
  • Additional webhook settings

Click on the link below to download the LYNQ Webhooks Guide



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