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This guide is intended to be used as a learning aid, regardless of the Enterprise Resource Planning application LYNQ is deployed with. When learning using this training guide, you should refer to the glossary.  The glossary explains the mapping between the terms used in the training guide and the terms used for your Enterprise Resource Planning application.  This allows the training guide to be written in a common language, that supports all LYNQ customers and partners.  The glossary can be found from the LYNQ help menu.

This training guide provides a practical step-by-step walk through of LYNQ 2020 to improve your understanding of how the product is typically used within a manufacturing environment. 

Throughout this training guide and LYNQ you will see references to the IEC 62264 international standard.  The standard provides a model for defining the activities of manufacturing operations management.  

Customers adopting this model in their process design, benefit from:

  • Good practices of manufacturing operations
  • Automation of the manufacturing processes 
  • Improvements to existing manufacturing processes
  • Reduced manufacturing and automation costs
  • Faster operational processes
  • Increased productivity and output

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