Different Order Types
Depending on the types of orders supported by the integrated ERP application, there are additional tabs, which appear next to the General Tab. (i.e. Production, MRP Jobs, Forecast, Sales, Purchase, MRP PO & WI).

You can control how material calculations are performed and can customise which types or orders are included in supply and demand calculations.  



To edit materials planning settings

  1. Select the File Menu
  2. Select Company Settings
  3. Select MRP Imports & Rules

Refer to the table below for an explanation of all settings on the MRP Import & Rules General Tab.



Material Calculations

Specifies whether materials calculations will happen manually or automatically. 

  • Manual (when recalculate materials is selected).
  • Auto (on startup of Visual APS and when refresh is selected)

Include Past Active Orders

Specifies whether past active jobs will be included in material calculations.

Effective Start Date

Specifies the effective start date of orders in the past.

Group Locations

Provides the ability to create groups of locations that materials calculation will consider when using multiple warehouses.


MRP Imports & Rules by Order Type Settings

These tabs are split by supply, demand or both, allowing you to manage which types or orders are considered for materials planning. You can choose to delete the status code if required.  When included in the list, the order will be considered when materials planning is run.  Within the profile shipped with Visual APS, default codes are automatically included.  These are configured to match the status codes within the integrated ERP application.




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