MOM Integration Setting
This setting is stored globally for all users.

Error Logs
Even if the company does not open due to an error, you will still be able to access the log files from the Visual APS application.

Refer to the table below for an explanation of all settings on the General Tab.


General Settings



Load company at startup

Indicates the company will automatically open on application startup

Save windows layout

Indicates the layout will appear as it did in the previous session.

Save schedule zoom

Indicates the schedule zoom will appear as it did in the previous session.

Save and publish warning message

Indicates whether a warning message should appear after selecting Save and Publish

Show related orders only

Indicates whether to only display jobs with dependencies in the related jobs pocket.

Choose theme

The theme for the company.

MOM Integration URL

The URL link to the MOM installation.  MOM reports and dashboards would be inaccessible from menus in Visual APS if no value is specified.

Running Version

Provided for backward compatibility with older installations of LYNQ.  Default value is 2016 R2 and higher. 

Processing type

How LYNQ updates Jobs in the ERP application.

Use auto refresh

Indicates whether data should be refreshed automatically. In addition, whether a notification is displayed each time a refresh occurs. This notification can be set by checking the Show notification window before each refresh box.  When unchecked, refresh is completed by selecting refresh from the Toolbar.

Update notification

Indicates whether a pop up at the selected interval is displayed advising how long-ago APS was updated.

Error log

Should Visual APS return an error to the user the full error message is captured within an error log file.  Log files are generated by user and not centrally located.

Workflow filters

Select to restore Workflow filters globally.


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