SYNC Greyed Out?
The SYNC button on transaction review screen will remain greyed out until the LYNQ api host name and service names fields are populated in the settings screen.

LYNQ api is a web component of LYNQ that connects LYNQ to Enterprise Resource Planning.  The integration settings are typically configured by LYNQ's technical team when LYNQ is installed.  There will be times when users may need to logon to LYNQ api and adjust the integration settings.  LYNQ stores the LYNQ api webiste host and service URL's in the LYNQ  Settings screen.  Users with access to the settings screen, can click on the LYNQ api host name to open the site or click on the options to open the integration settings directly without opening the full web application.  When the host name and service name settings are defined, users can click on SYNC from the Transaction Review screen.   SYNC forces  LYNQ to execute the integration to Enterprise Resource Planning.  This is useful when a user needs to urgently post a transaction to Enterprise Resource Planning before LYNQ api's next scheduled execution time.

To connect LYNQ to LYNQ api:

  1. From the LYNQ home page click settings
  2. Click Settings
  3. Enter the LYNQ api host name in the host field
  4. Enter the LYNQ api services name in the host field.  (the services name will automatically populate when you tab past the host name field)
  5. Click on save

To configure LYNQ api Integration sesttings:

  1. Click on the Integration button in the LYNQ api settings section of the settings page


If you are not setup as a user in LYNQ api, you will not be able to open the LYNQ api website.  Users can be added by another user that has developer rights to LYNQ api. 

To add a new user to LYNQ api:

  1. From the LYNQ api home page select Setting
  2. Click Roles Administration
  3. Enter the user name in the user name field
  4. Select Save



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