Custom Issues
Refer to the Advanced User Guide to setup Custom Issues for reporting and analytical purposes.

LYNQ provides a number of pre-defined production issue codes for reporting and analytical purposes.   Additional production issue codes can be created to meet the reporting and analytical requirements of the organisation.

Default issues include:



Availability - Breakdown


Availability - Setup and Adjustments

Setup and Adjustments

Performance - Minor Stops


Component Jams

Delivery Blocked

Equipment Wear

Obstructed Product Flow

Sensor Blocked

Performance - Reduced Speed

Operator Inefficiency

Rough Running

Performance - Under Design Capacity

Under Design Capacity

Quality - Rejects

Production Rejects

Quality - Start-up Rejects

Start-up Rejects

Custom - Health & Safety


Near Miss

Custom - Loading

Loading Issue

Issues can be raised:

  • Manually from the Issue Log option
  • By using the Track Performance Abnormality Setting which is configured in the Workbench Onscreen Element. When turned on, LYNQ will prompt the user to enter a reason why performance is abnormal
  • Via an alert which is configured to trigger an issue



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