List View
Line by line report by order. From here users can click on the Order number to view Order Card details. Below each column heading there is a search/filter box. The pin next to the search box provides a set of filtering options. Additionally in List view there is functionality to export reports, create custom filters and customise layouts. The bottom of the report shows the number of items in the report and the number of pages. Page size can be adjusted to display up to 200 rows per page.

Sub Order View
As per the list view but with sub orders

Review open orders to check their status. Use progress bars to gain visibility of hours booked, materials issued and overall progress at a glance. Drill to view specific order details including attached documents and issues recorded.

To open the Production Status from Visual APS:

  1. Select the Reports Menu
  2. Select Production Status

If the Production Status is greyed out, the MOM integration settings have not been configured.

To set the MOM integration settings:

  1. Select the File Menu
  2. Select Company Settings
  3. Select the General Tab
  4. Enter the URL of the MOM Site (i.e. http://webservername/lynqmom) in the MOM Integration field

To open the Production Status from LYNQ:

  1. Select Production Status from the menu section Dispatching


Functional Area: Dispatching