Pin Indicator
The Pin Indicator shows in the task panel and in the schedule board

Visual APS offers the option to freeze job orders or operations to the production schedule for a period of time, this is done using the Pin function. Pinning the operations to the scheduling board means that those operations cannot be moved or unscheduled unless you remove the Pin.


The "frozen" period will vary depending on the manufacturing environment but it marks the boundary of which changes to the schedule be made, anywhere outside this period job orders can be moved or re-scheduled.For example, a company "freezes" the production schedule for 1 week. The Production Planner and Production supervisor meet once a week to review the plan for the following week and once agreed, its pinned to the scheduling board, meaning no one can make changes to the plan unless agreed. 


There are two ways to pin in Visual APS

  • Pin (for selected job orders and operations)
  • Pin Advanced (by date interval and work centre)

To use pin so no changes can be made

  1. Click on the Review Menu.
  2. Highlight an order, a range or job orders or an individual operation
  3. Click Pin.
  4. Notice now that your selection will have a pin showing in the pin column
  5. Pinning can be reversed by click Remove Pin

To use pin advanced so no changes can be made

  1. Click on the Review Menu
  2. Click Pin Advanced
  3. Set the Pin Interval from and to dates.
  4. Click the selected work centres and or work units.
  5. Click Pin.
  6. Pinning can be reversed by clicking Unpin


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